Career Counseling

It is easier to organize a job search, plan for future education or strategize about your current work situation when you have a target. Career counseling will help you focus on how your skills, interests and personality traits transfer over to various work options.

Our career assessments include the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey, Myers Briggs Personality Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory. During your first appointment, your career counselor will help you decide whether testing might be helpful for you and if so, which of our assessments would be most helpful to you.

We average three to five sessions with our clients. Fees are $95. per session and $50 per test.  Testing is done outside of the session.

To make an appointment, call us at (804) 288-2157 or e-mail

Here are some comments from our career counseling clients

You were really the catalyst for this change and I feel that everything has gone exactly as I had hoped. I will keep you posted on my progress, but I wanted to let you know how much I value and appreciate the excellent advice and guidance you provided. You really helped me zero in on what I wanted to do and helped me with a road map to get there. Without your guidance and advice, no telling where I’d be right now.

Thanks for your continued support. After talking to you I ended up having a sense of calmness that I hadn't had all day.

Please know, in these uncertain times, you are so much more than just a professional career guidance counselor. You are a healer who knows how to gently hold shattered dreams and broken hearts in your hands. Thank you for your kind ways of empowering and motivating me to believe in myself.

I LOVE my new job and cannot thank you enough for everything. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but so worth it.