The BrownMiller Group provides exceptional career counseling services.

Today’s economy provides unique challenges for the new graduate looking for a first job after college. More than ever before, it is important to:

  1. Know what you want to do so that you can organize your job search around your goals
  2. Understand the basics of a job search and how to market yourself in the most effective way.

The BrownMiller Group offers career counseling services especially designed for recent college graduates. Our testing and assessment brings specific career goals and job targets into focus. Coaching regarding job search strategies increases the probability of getting interviews and offers.

Like all services at The BrownMiller Group, job search support for recent graduates is tailored to what the client needs. 

The BrownMiller Group provides exceptional career counseling services.

An assessment process with testing that examines how interests, skills, and personality preferences fit different types of job and careers.  We typically administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory.  The goal of this assessment is to come up with a list of specific occupations to target.

Strategies for networking for career research (informational interviews) and also for potential job contacts. Coaching is provided about how to "talk about yourself" when networking: how to explain your skills and your interests and how to ask for the help you need.

Resume writing and cover letter development. A resume edit is provided and cover letters are explained with sample formats provided.

An overview of job search strategies and how to strike the right balance between an on-line search and more personal networking.  This is particularly important because most recent grads are inclined to spend a great deal of time on-line with their job search.  However, most entry-level jobs are not found this way so a wider range of job search strategies is presented.

Interview coaching provides a blueprint of what to expect and how to prepare. Sample questions are discussed as well as how to prepare for behavioral interviews and negotiate salary and other details of potential offers.