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Resume Editing and Review

Do you have a resume that hasn't been getting results?

Or perhaps you're just starting a job search and want to make sure your resume format is up to date with current job search practices.

A resume review is a great way to kick off a job search or breathe new life into an extended search. This service takes place by phone and e-mail and is designed to be as convenient and time-effective as possible.

Here is how it works:

After e-mailing your resume to us, we will have an initial phone conversation where you explain your job targets and the potential audience for your resume. Your career counselor may ask you some questions to flesh out your experience.

After this initial call, your career counselor will spend time with your resume off-line, looking for ways to strengthen it. Suggestions for format and editing will be discussed in a follow-up call. After this call, you will incorporate these suggestions into a final draft to send back to your career counselor who will give you a final review by return e-mail. The fee for this service is $200, payable by credit card during the initial phone call.

To start the process for a resume review and editing, e-mail This is a great way to put our years of career counseling experience to work for you.