The BrownMiller Group provides exceptional career counseling services.
"My daughter left the session very confident in herself in terms of how her interests match up with her potential career paths and college major possibilities. I strongly believe that it sometimes just takes someone (besides a parent) telling you that you can do something and that you will be good at doing it and also enjoy it. You did that for her today and I think it will make the college application process much more strategic and meaningful for her. As her mother, this is wonderful as I want for her to be happy and passionate about whatever path she chooses. And now she feels like she has a sense of that path. Thank you very much."

The BrownMiller Group offers an assessment for determining the ideal major and college environment. High school students experience an assessment process that they can use throughout their college career and beyond to make informed career decisions.

The BrownMiller Group provides exceptional career counseling services.

Parents are welcome at all of these career counseling sessions but are particularly encouraged to attend the third counseling session because it includes a summary of the counseling and suggestions of additional resources and action steps.

The fee for this career counseling package is $475. Appointments are available during late afternoons and on Saturday mornings.

The BrownMiller Group, CSS Tutoring Services, and College Connections have combined their expertise to provide The College Counseling Package, a comprehensive college planning service for high school students.  This package includes career counseling and vocational testing, an SAT or ACT prep class and coaching on college selection, application materials and essays.